House Plants




Plants Safe for Cats and Dogs: 

  • Peace Lilly; Bamboo; Snake plant; True Plants; Spider; Prayer; Boston Fern; Rubber plants.

Plants: Low-light

  • Peace Lilly; Snake plant; Parlor plant; Yucca Cane; Philodendron; Wandering Jew; Prayer Plant; Spider Plant.

Plants Tips:

  • Use good-quality potting soil
  • Water properly
  • Fertilize and control pests
  • Increase humidity and prevent drafts
  • Keep foliage clean

Plant Accessories and Tools to Help Grow Healthy Houseplants: 

  • Plant water globe

  • Pebble tray for plants

  • Water Mister

  • Cork circles protect surfaces.

Plant Encyclopedia – Great directory for a variety of plants and flowers:  Better Homes & Garden Encyclopedia


Enjoy Your Plants! 

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