House Plants

House Plants 

Few Funny jokes to make you smile!  

  1. What did the bee say to the flower?  Hello honey!
  2. Did you hear about the two flowers who went on a date?  It’s a budding romance!
  3. What kind of flower grows on your face?  Tulips!
  4. What happens when a flower blushes?  It turns rosy!

Plants are great for your health and accent your home nicely. Over the years I have had some very nice house plants and like to share some interesting facts.  Please share if you have any plants tips. 

5 Fun facts: 

  • They purify the air –  plants take care of you too. The watering and cleaning pay off because your house plants are removing toxins all around you making the air more purified.
  • Decrease your stress level – a new plant can make telecommuting less stressful. House plants are proven to relieve stress and improve your mental wellbeing and can result in increasing productivity.
  • Plants love music – house plants love music and it encourages growth, so go ahead and turn up the music! 
  • Reduce noise pollution – house plants such as peace lilies, weeping fig and rubber plant are some that have been found to absorb sound. 
  • Boost your immune system – plants are known to be calming, leaving you feeling more relaxed and can improve your sleep. House plants can also help you stay happy and healthy. 

Plants Safe for Cats and Dogs: 

  • Peace Lilly; Bamboo; Snake plant; True Plants; Spider; Prayer; Boston Fern; Rubber plants.

Plants: Low-light

  • Peace Lilly; Snake plant; Parlor plant; Yucca Cane; Philodendron; Wandering Jew; Prayer Plant; Spider Plant,

Plant Accessories and Tools to Help Grow Healthy Houseplants: 

Enjoy Your Plants!