About Me

Hi there, I’m Trisha.  I’m a retired silly and happy person, who enjoys many things in life!

I have worked since I was around 16 yrs. old where my Mom suggested babysitting for all the kids on the block where we lived.  This started me on thinking hmm… it is not so bad working and making some cash too. Fast forward went to college,  worked for an insurance company, then on to the education system. I met some good people in my life and one person encouraged me to venture in the world of technology.  My first thought, I not sure if I could do it. 

Well, his encouragement was what I needed!  I took computer classes and had some great instructors, which set me on my path. Thank you John!

Technology has been a major part of me ever since and up to today deep down I know it will always be, so to speak in my blood! 

In working in the education system as a technology technician, I have program computers, fixed them and was a computer tech for several schools including teaching computer technology. Loved it!!!

Designers Forum was formed by my ex-husband and I where it grew with some projects in programming for a few companies.  Designers Forum took a rest for some years, but now is back and ready to grow and help others with technology, arts, resources and music too!

Here in this website, like to share resources, feature artists work and share some tips on how we can make each day just a little better.

I really enjoy having a glass of wine sitting in my patio with some tasty appetizers and sharing it all with good friends and or family.  Many people in my life have given me the courage, strength and encouragement from my parents to my close family members. Thank  you all! 

I am a crafter, listening and or dancing to some great tunes,  photographer, enjoy reading, love technology and a consultant. Enjoy nature walks and  hanging out with family and friends.  Great joy in life that I am a Mom and a Nana!!

My motto now these days is:  Enjoy Each Day Big Time!! 

Have a great day! 


Thank you for stopping by!