About Me

Hello there, I’m Trisha,

I’m a retired silly, happy, content person. Love listening to music and enjoy many things in life!

I have worked since I was around 16 yrs. old where my Mom suggested babysitting for all the kids on the block where we lived.  This started me on thinking hmm… it is not so bad working and making some cash too. Fast forward went to college,  worked for an insurance company, then on to the education system. I met some good people in my life and one person encouraged me to venture in the world of technology.  My first thought was, hmm…. I am not so sure if I could do it. 

Well, with his encouragement is what I needed!  I took computer classes, work on class projects and had some great instructors, which set me on my techie path.  Thank you John!

Technology has been a major part of me ever since and still is up to today! Well, deep down I know it will always be, so to speak in my blood! 

I start working at DeVry University as a system coordinator and registrar, then on to a school district as a media /technology technician. I have fixed computers, program them and was a computer tech for several schools including teaching computer technology.  I totally loved it and still do love technology!!

Designers Forum was formed by my ex-husband and I where it grew with some projects in programming for a few companies.  Designers Forum took a rest for some years, but now it is back and ready to grow and help others with technology, arts, resources, and music too! We will be featuring here artists to showcase their work and if you are interested in there items, please contact them. 

I really enjoy having a glass of wine, sitting out in my patio with some tasty appetizers.  Sharing these times with family and good friends are so very nice!  Evenings it is so nice to enjoy the firepit too. 

Many people in my life have given me so much encouragement from my parents, family members and some good friends.  Thank you all! 

Special thanks to my parents, Ann and Joe Vitosky!  Great parents who supported me in many of my adventures, trials and etc that I put them through!  Whew. . . they surely at times had some great patience with me! 🙂 

I am a crafter, crochet, like listening to music and even blasting the sound, may just dance around house too while doing chores. Enjoy reading and advancing my photographer skills.  As you have gather from reading here, I like technology and like helping people learn how to use those smart phones or computers too.  Truly enjoy taking walks and bring my camera along with me. 

A great joy in my life is being a Mom and Nana!  I am very grateful for all my family and friends past and present! 

Enjoy Your Day!  Stay Safe! 

Loved that dress!! Brings Great Memories to Light! 

Email:  Designers Forum