Life, Balance, Hope

Some simple steps that may help reduce stress, bring some balance and give us some hope for upcoming days.

  • Exercise regularly Walk around your neighborhood; Park the car a little further away from store entrance. Exercise reduces stress, improves mood, and boosts overall health.
  • Build a support system: Reach out – engage in things around you and in your community. Also make sure your family and friends hear from you – Don’t keep to yourself!
  • Keep a positive attitude: Look for silver linings and good news. Share stories and photos. In using a camera or your phone try to take some nature photos while out on a walk.  
  • Let go of negatives: Accept that there are things you just can’t control. 
  • Find ways to relax – listen to music: Bluetooth is such a great tool. Stream your music and relax.
  • Develop new interests – or Learn a skill:  Having a sense of adventure can help you reduce stress. Find things to be passionate about, learn a new skill that you always wanted to do. Follow your Dreams!!
  • Get enough rest and sleep: When you’re under stress, your body needs time to recover. Sleep at least 8 hours really does help. Or try to add additional 30 mins. Just may what you need!
  • Eat healthy, balanced meals: Your body needs good nutrition to fight the effects of stress.  I have learned to reduced salt and sugar in my diet. Not saying it is easy, but at least try some days!
  • Personal time:  Your time is just for you! It is ok to keep things, thoughts or actions to just yourself! Really it is very ok!    

Smile, Laugh Out Loud and Watch some Silly movies! 

Enjoy life Big Time!!!