Crochet History

History of Crochet Art

In researching about crochet, it was first noticed by French nuns in France although it could be found earlier as 1500–1800 BC. The art of crochet has changed in so amazing ways over time. 

The word “crochet” comes from French meaning “small hook,” which is a reference to the only tool you’ll need to work with besides your yarn.

By the 1920s and 30s, crochet started being seen as not just a decorative items such as lace tablecloths but transferred to making clothing and accessories. accessories.  In the 1940s, crochet was a big part of wartime efforts in United States and Britain, were  women at home could do their part by crocheting items for the troops.  The “boom” of crochet in the 1960s and items as homeware became popular.  At time when the granny square became popular and it evolved into so clothing options and accessories. 

crochet history

Crochet has evolved to so many beautiful items from blankets to clothing that are bursting with beautiful colors of yarn. 

Enjoy your time with crocheting.

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