History of Crochet

Researching about crochet – research found that it was first noticed by French nuns in France although it could be found earlier as 1500–1800 BC. The art of crochet has changed in so amazing ways over time. 

The word “crochet” comes from French meaning “small hook,” which is a reference to the only tool you’ll need to work with besides your yarn.

By the 1920s and 30s, crochet started being seen as not just a decorative items such as lace tablecloths but transferred to making clothing and accessories.  In the 1940s, crochet was a big part of wartime efforts in United States and Britain, were women at home could do their part by crocheting items for the troops. 

Crochet being invented as a method for producing a cheap substitute for traditional lace, crochet struggled to shake off its reputation as an inferior craft.  It all changed when Queen Victoria gave it the royal seal of approval by buying crocheted lace made by Irish women who were struggling to make a living.  Queen Victoria herself, even learned to crochet by making scarves for veterans of the South African War and by the end of her reign, much of England was hooked!! 

Starting in the 50s and in the turn of the century, crochet was no longer motivated by patriotism or supporting the war.  It blossomed into personal creative form.  Crochet gain popularity as people  crocheted colorful afghans, pillows, and dresses. The famous granny square was born, expanding crochet into new territory!


The “boom” of crochet starting moving in the 1960s and a variety of items became popular.  Crochet has evolved to so many beautiful items from blankets. clothing, scarfs and home decor with a array of colors of yarn.  Many artists wore the colorful granny square vests!  



Yarn colors have blossomed and now there are so many variations of yarn colors!!  Have some fun and enjoy designing and creating some great crochet work. Share your crochet creations if you like.