Looking Good as We Age!

Aging can bring up questions like how do I dress, make up less or more and life status – do I just share if married, single or just working on what status you want to share!

Suggest to just stand tall, suck it in, smile, wear clothes that don’t show everything, and you’ll be showing the world what  hot, young Mama you still are!

For all the men out there, do the same – just be your handsome cool self!! You will rock it!! 

Think of what ever our size you are, if you are happy and healthy – Great, but there is no reason to show the bulge!

In the past weeks I have thought about the resolutions I made for myself and if any of the few I made have I actually done!  I recall one resolution was to be less dramatic and jump to conclusions, well I will say I have accomplished some of this.  Perhaps that I have tried to return to journaling will help me somewhat!

One of my difficulties at the juncture between change or status quo is that I feel so alone in my efforts.  The journey seems too fraught with obstacles and goals just keep getting further away.

Midlife sass is something other women have but at times I have it too!   I will continue to ponder on this! 




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